Winter 2017-2018

Megan Shave, who defended her dissertation last April, will shortly begin work for the city of Brockton, MA as a Conservation Agent. Home sweet home for Megan!

Steve Roels' first chapter has been accepted for publication: Roels, S.M., J.L. Porter, and C.A. Lindell. In press. Tropical forest restoration strategy affects predation pressure by birds and arthropods on herbivorous insects. Restoration Ecology.

Our lab's "group project" from last year was recently published: Lindell, C.A., R.A. Eaton, P. H. Howard, S.M. Roels, and M.E. Shave. 2018. Enhancing agricultural landscapes to increase crop pest reduction by vertebrates. Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment 257:1-11.

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